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Welcome to GoodBeer Craft and Spa Brussels, Belgium.

At GoodBeer, we live both our passions. Our beer cosmetics and our woodwork, such as watches and sunglasses, are both categorized as crafted products that involve
a high level of skill and creativity to produce. With our craft products we focus on quality, uniqueness, and authenticity. We use natural and sustainable materials.
Our products are unique and handcrafted.

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houten horloges brussels

Wooden watches


Wooden sunglasses

unusual beer gift hoppy beard

Beer gifts sets

zeep scrub bier

Beer-based cosmetics

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Our featured products

Welcome to GoodBeer Craft and Spa Brussels, Belgium.

GoodBeer was created by B. Biebuyck out of a passion for good beer and nature. Hence the name and the logo.
Hoppy sugar skull hoodie


Solid shaving foam

Beer shampoo

Solid shaving foam

Beer soap

baths salt with beer

Beer bath Salts

bear wooden watches brussels

Wooden Watches

Volledig natuurlijke baardolie met hop

Beer Cosmetics

Discover our extensive range of GoodBeer beer cosmetics

GoodBeer offers you a variety of handmade beer shampoos.

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