About us

Welcome to the online shop of GoodBeer – Craft Gear designed in Brussels, Belgium.

GoodBeer was created out of a passion for good beer and nature. Hence the name and the logo.


Being a craft beer aficionado, and attending craft beer festivals on a regular basis, I felt a need for ‘independant and witty’ beer-related t-shirts, not too obvious. My search was in vain, which drew me into designing myself. The very first one was the iconic ‘Beer Dear’.  5 more designs followed. I launched a Kickstarter campaign to be able to print them (printing 1 tshirt is outrageously expensive – do them in bulk and you get a much better price). The facebook-page I showed my designs on was named ‘GoodBeerGuy’ – adopting the Beer Dear as logo and GoodBeer as brandname. GoodBeer was born.



People asking me about bottle openers in markets I was selling the t-shirts on incited me to create my own original bottle openers. I had some transport pallets at hand, and decided to use them to create wooden ‘upcycled’ bottle openers. An industrial laser allows to permanently ‘print’ on them.

opener beer


From recycled wood I make the first wooden bowties. Later I use new wood as the quality of the ‘pallet’ wood is not sufficient.

Houten strikje


Bamboo – a newly discovered workable natural product. Strong and easily to craft. The first bamboo watches and sunglasses are added to the ‘GoodBeer’ brand.

GoodBeer wooden


Rises the idea of a physical store. But it had to have something more, an experience. Introduction of steel and wooden rings.


This experience will be a beer spa. And the location was found early 2020 in Brussels. Setting up the GoodBeer spa and shop takes the rest of 2020. Introduction of the original “GoodBeer’s Happy HoppyBalls”.

Happy Hoppy Balls



Because we firmly believe in supporting local durable projects, 2% of our sales go to GoodPlanet.be, more specifically for the planting of trees in the Brussels area.

Willemsstraat 14 B 2208
1210 Brussel
BE 0735477754
TEL: +32486637679

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