About us

Welcome to the online shop of GoodBeer – Craft Gear designed in Brussels, Belgium.

GoodBeer was created out of a passion for good beer. Hence the name.

Creativity and ambition converge in this truly unique brand. 6 designs bring out the beer lovers passion. And these designs are projected onto more supports: from wooden bottle openers, to wooden watches and other wooden fashion accessories.

Because we firmly believe in supporting local durable projects, 2% of our sales go to GoodPlanet.be, more specifically for the planting of trees in the Brussels area.

Willemsstraat 14 B 2208
1210 Brussel
BE 0735477754

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It took some searching, but finally found the way to support local horeca by pre-ordering pintjes! https://supportyourbar.be/
If your local favorite bar is not registered yet, get the owner to do it so you can support them (if they serve Inbev beers).
Merci BXFM 104.3 pour cette description bien détaillée et précise du Good Beer Spa!
Dank aan BXFM voor deze uitvoerige beschrijving van Good Beer Spa!
Thanks to BXFM for this detailled description of the Good Beer Spa!

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