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We all know beer. But do you know the benefits of beer? And the positive effects of a Belgian beer bath? True, only very little beer is used as mainly the ingredients of the beer go in separately, each with its beneficial effect on hair and skin. Find out the what and why of a Belgian Beer Bath.

Belgian Beer Baths are therapeutic

Good Beer Spa Brussels Beer Bath


Belgium is famous for its beer. But there’s much more to the malt drink experience than standing by the bar. How about a drink and a hot beercuzzi at the same time? Well, there’s more beer in your once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Good Beer Spa. Ever experienced a beer bath? That is exactly what Ben and Anais offer at one of Belgium’s leading new attractions – a bathing experience that provides a health experience guaranteeing active enzymes and vitamins. It is all about having quality time for two, three, or even six. At the Good Beer Spa, the staff knows the value of feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. You’ll love the soft skin feel after the therapeutic removal of many of the day-to-day toxins our bodies are exposed to. The Good Beer Spa offers an unmatched opportunity to sit back and enjoy the space. Yes, it is an herbal bath based on beer.

Experience Mastery in Craftmanship

Visitors to Belgian understand that the northwestern European country is a happy one. Belgians love good food and good beer. Therefore, spending time in bars and restaurants always seems like the right thing to do. All across the Kingdom, people are known for authenticity in producing world-famous products. At Good Beer Spa, one not only gets the chance to sip an originally expertly crafted Belgian beer, one can spend the afternoon prostrating in it. See? Right there. That’s the passion, producing a unique and unforgettable experience for international and local revelers. There’s no better way to experience mastery in craftmanship, deep culture, and Belgian history, albeit innovative, than visiting Good Beer Spa.

Escape the External with a Belgian Beer bath

Private beer spa in Brussels


Good Beer Spa is a complete morning, afternoon, or evening getaway for beer lovers. Are you worried about booking? Anais and other hosts have you covered. The venue has multiple spas and convenient waiting areas for those who might arrive early or walk-ins. Escape external pressures for a few hours far away from errands, schedules, and deadlines. The Good Beer Spa is a sanctuary of flexible services. Visitors can feel easy in the unfussy spa environment where all worries can be immersed in the bath tab. Transport is not a problem with the venue well-known to drivers and across from the metro. So leave the car at home and enjoy fragrant aromas, herbal fusions, and the best malt drink in town. Nowhere else could you find such an experience. Good Beer Spa is a one-stop shop in Brussels.

The Tradition of O’Furo

Good Beer Spa is a cocktail of technology, craftsmanship, and relaxation. The beer baths are administered in bath tabs, with the beer flowing smoothly through the taps contained in the baths known as O’furos. These wooden baths have a Japanese origin to give the most authentic immersion experience. Talking of cleanliness and hygiene, our baths are designed to attain the very best. They are made of wood on the outside, while the inside is synthetic. That ensures that when a visitor takes a beer bath, the facility is cleaned perfectly after every session. On top of that, the O’furo also has world-class ventilators that offer air massage. So, when talking about Good Beer Spa, we are describing an unmatched relaxing experience.

You may wonder how the beer bath operates. The Baptist chamber works this way: The Good Beer Spa does not necessarily pour bathtubs full of your usual ice-chilled beer. Of course, having someone bathe at low temperatures of up to 6 degrees Celsius would be torturous. And, of course, it would also be on the pricey side to have the whole bath tab brim full with beer. The Good Beer Spa creates sustainable mechanisms that offer the best and most unique experiences. The hosts fill the bath with warm water and mix it with beer, malt, hops, and yeast. The temperature is set at 37-40°C. Because of the volume of the water, the bath stays at a constant temperature during your beer bath session.

A Partnership with Brouwerij Van Steenberge

But is any description of the experience complete without a mention of the fantastic beer available at the spa? The beer is a collaboration of Brouwerij Van Steenberge. And that is how your hosts guarantee amazing beer during your beer wellness. The brand has a long, trusted history in Belgium, and it means baptismal, i.e. relating to baptism, purification, and rituals. So visitors receive an immersion of beer and come out of the bath delivered from stress and anxiety.

It is not just your typical beer. It is a top-fermented beer with a slightly bitter taste and generally low alcoholic volume – only 5%. The blond thus makes the good beer ideal for bathing and unlimited tapping. So why do international tourists repeatedly call it sensational? Well, it seems the proof is in the pudding. The Baptist won the silver medal at the World Beer Challenge in 2019. So, when connoisseurs talk about “world-class”, they aren’t joking. They know it. We know it. And soon you will.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential Oils


Replenishment is a big part of the Good Beer Spa’s avid pursuit of awesomeness. The ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. So, having the Good Beer Spa experience is not only about relaxation but also about replenishment. Combining both natural day and night anti-aging moisturizers, your body will be hydrated and revitalized. The ingredients are developed especially for the skin and the organs while boosting blood circulation. Besides, the experience offers relaxation and detoxification. Beer baths also relax the circulatory system by cleansing the blood of toxins such as carbon dioxide while speeding up red cell movement. There’s so much more to the Good Beer Spa experience than the regular bubble bath. Not only does it offer sensation and unmatched relaxation, but it also provides an extra boost to the entire body and mind.

The “I must do it again feeling”

The Good Beer Spa is the place to be. A place of relaxation in it is very distinctive nature. The memorable name and experience are a sure bet for one to meet both locals and visitors from overseas. But that does not compromise your privacy and personal experiences. We appreciate the need to relax and have it on your own as you enjoy your beer. It is all about quenching the throat and hydrating the body. Good Beer Spa knows how to deal with both the internal and the external. The spa is thus typically a heritage – a place to be and remember. Have you ever heard of addiction without side effects? That’s what you get from the Good Beer Spa experiences – the “I must do it again feeling”.

It is the healthiest thing in town

Beerlover brussels bier spa


So that’s the synopsis; the hosts at Good Beer Spa have got your Sunday evening or Tuesday morning unique experience covered. It is all about beer and the body. Maintaining the tradition of having the best beers in the world and having unmatched fun is your hosts’ goal. It is the epitome of relaxation, where the beer baths guarantee rejuvenation. The experience is beyond explanation, and the positive addiction is real. At the Good Beer Spa, you’ll never regret it once you visit. Any traveler visiting Belgium should complement their experience with this incredible experience at the Good Beer Spa.

It is the healthiest thing in town.

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