Good Beer Spa: the interview

  1. What’s a beer spa concept?

The concept of a beer spa is not new. It’s been around for quite a while in Eastern Europe, it’s a tub filled with water, beer and the ingredients of beer; hops, yeast and malt. Beer has been proven to be beneficial especially to the skin as it contains a fair amount of vitamin B. It brings you in a good state of mind as the hops have an added value of relaxing. The concept is that you soak in the beer for about an hour while you have a beer next to you. 

  1. Why did you decide to start a beer spa? 

In 2015 I launched the beer related brand GoodBeer, selling mostly online and on beer festivals. I was looking for a physical store but with an added experience. I came across Beer spas in Eastern Europe while visiting and took the idea home. 

  1. Which products do you use? 

We only use natural products as water, hop, yeast and malt. So no chemicals like chlorine. The baths are cleaned after every session with an alcohol solution. 

  1. What services do you offer?

People make the reservation online for an hour and your reservation counts for the entire room. The rooms can be filled for 1 person up until 6 persons as there are 3 tubs in the room. 

  1. What are the measurements taken for covid-19 safety?

Personnel have their masks on all time, same for the clients outside their room. After each session the tubs and room are thoroughly cleaned. And of course sanitizers are provided at the entrance and in the room. 

  1. What distincts you from the other beer spa in Brussels?

I’ve only seen the other one in a short video. In Good beer spa the jacuzzis are a lot bigger and it has a different look and feel. Here you get a craft feeling with our chosen wooden materials, we emphasized a lot more on wood which creates another feeling. Another value is that aside from the spa we also have the Goodbeer craft shop where the clients can take a look around. Our location is not in the touristic center but is very easily accessible for locals and nationals with metro & bus. We also have a parking lot next door (50m walking distance). 

  1. What is the expected opening date?

We are opening the first weekend of june if covid measures allow it. 

  1. Are you satisfied with the result? 

It’s been a long tough road but we are very pleased with the result and I think the clients will endorse that. 

  1. Why this exact location ( Scailquinstraat 43, 1000 Brussels)? 

I live next to the spa, I’ve known the area for many years and I’ve seen it change. I can see the advantages of the location: the second biggest entry into Brussels by car, metro, 15 min away from the Grand Place, there is a parking lot and we believe this area deserves a positive push. 

  1.  Do you think the Good beer spa will be successful?

There is definitely an interest in Beerspa. For now tourism has not been active but we see that the Belgians are interested. Brussels is putting itself more and more on the map within the beer scene, so this naturally evolves in more beer tourism. 

  1. Would you expand the Good beer spa all over Belgium?

That would be the idea as many other cities would welcome this concept. 

  1. What are the goals?

Re-introduce beer and it’s benefits in the Belgian society. And relaunch the appreciation for beer, in its facets. 

  1. What do you offer in the shop?

We have a wide range of many things such as T Shirts, beer openers, wooden watches, hoppy bath bombs, scrubs,….. You can find them all online on

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