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The best unusual beer gifts for beer lovers for the holidays 2022

Are you looking for original beer gifts? What do you give to a beer lover, without it necessarily being a pack of beer? There are many other possible beer gifts.
We’ve put together a list here that we think are great gift ideas. But if you have other things you would add to this list, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

1. Good Beer Spa gift voucher for a beer spa

Giftcard Beerspa

One of the best wellness experiences you will ever experience as a beer lover. The nice thing about this spa is that it is so relaxing and good for the skin, and private, and with beer à olonté on tap next to you. The ingredients of beer are added to your bath with fresh water.
They also explain to you why each of these ingredients is added. Hops are soothing, malt is good for skin elasticity and brewer’s yeast is super rich in vitamin B, which is good for your skin and hair. Since they are big jacuzzis
the ingredients have a scrub effect. This way you come out of your bath relaxed, with baby skin. Prices are 10 to 299 euros.

2. Café guide of ‘282’ original bars with free drinks

Unusual beergifts original bars

‘282 original cafés in Flanders’ is the eighteenth edition of this popular guide, which has been carefully compiled for several years now by Benny van Hecke, following Bob Hendrickx, who introduced this café guide. Unlike various café manuals that have appeared in recent years, which are more intended to be placed on the coffee table, Original Cafés in Flanders remains a handy pocket-sized guide that also gives you the chance to actually taste something.
This is the best way to discover cozy beer bars in your area, or in a new city. Usually, you get a free second drink on your first visit to the pub. A beer gift that sends you exploring and that quenches your thirst.

3. Camra’s Beer Guide :  GoodBeerGuide

Camra's GoodBeerGuide

This is the international classic for discovering beers, breweries, and pubs. It is a biennial edition. In the rapidly changing craft beer scene, that’s a lot. This classic is written by Timm Webb.

4. Great for beer cocktails! Moscow mugs

Beer cocktails mugs

Beer lovers, you can’t go wrong with the Mule Science Pure Copper Mug. Crafted from pure copper, this mug is rigorously tested for food safety and certified by a licensed third-party lab, so you know it’s safe to use and easy to maintain. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty! These authentic mugs have a sleek and stylish design that will instantly upgrade your beer-drinking experience. Impress your friends with this classic mug – it’s the perfect gift for any beer lover! Make sure to add one of these Mule Science Pure Copper Mugs to your collection. Cheers!

5. Unusual Beer Gift: Handmade Captree

Captree Unusual beer gift

A nice gift for a beer lover. These are handmade in Brussels by GoodBeer. Place the cross-eyed tree in the middle of the table, and throw your caps at the strong magnet on top of the tree. That way they stick to the magnet.
The more empty bottles, the more beautiful the tree becomes!

6. Westvleteren package

Unusual beer gift westvleteren

A beautiful and original gift is the Westvleteren gift box with 1 glass and 4 bottles. Mind you, it’s hard to get this gift unless you can drive to Westvleteren’s store itself and pick up a gift box.
can pick up.

7. Beer shampoo

Baptist beer shampoo Kriek beer shampoo unusual beer gift

It is surprising what an effect beer shampoo has on your hair. Beer shampoo stimulates hair growth, gives it extra shine, and is ideal for curls. You would think that the beer in the shampoo has a smell, but nothing could be further from the truth.
The Kriek beer variant does smell strongly of kriek, but that is more reminiscent of children’s sweets than of beer. Also because extra cherry essential oil is added to it.

8. Beer yoga game – the beer gift for fitters

beer yoga unusual beer gift

A cool – sometimes impossible – way to combine the joys of a glass of beer with some physical exercises. Sometimes it’s even efforts. But it certainly ends up in funny scenarios. This beer gift is ideal to do with friends.

9. Belgian Beer Trivial Game

Belgisch bier trivial

Everyone knows the Trivial classic, but did you know that it also exists in the version of Belgian beer? 1800 questions ensure that you don’t know the game by heart too quickly. An average game lasts about an hour, depending on your
knowledge of Belgian beer of course!

10. Beer socks

Beer socks unusual beergifts

Beer socks are such a great beer gift that every beer lover will enjoy. All you need to know is if the foot is between size 39 and 45 (European). That covers about 90% of the adult population. And you also have a choice of designs: there are the socks that
embroidered at the bottom with ‘If you can read this, bring me a beer’. Or there are of course also the different socks with beer glasses printed on it. Both fun and a statement!

11. Home Beer Spa – a super relaxing beer gift!

Beerspa at home

The GoodBeerSpa offers you a package to relive the beer spa experience at home. In the package, you will find the ingredients of the beer spa, namely brewer’s yeast, hops and malt. Unless you have an air jacuzzi at home, you will miss the scrubbing effect of these ingredients.
Personally, I do not recommend using these ingredients in a waterjet jacuzzi (where the water is pumped up and through) because these ingredients can sometimes stick in the pipes.

12. Beard gift package with beard oil, shaving soap, and a beard comb

unusual beer gift hoppy beard

Does the lucky recipient of your beer gift have a beard? Brilliant, then the beard gift package from GoodBeer is perfect for the beard/beer lover. Handmade beard oil contains only natural ingredients such as castor oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.
9 different essential oils are used to achieve the refined yet masculine scent. What are the benefits of beard oil? You’ll find it here. In addition, there is a natural solid shaving soap in the package, made with, among other things, shea butter. This way your skin is extra hydrated while shaving. As the last item, there’s still the beard comb to keep everything neat and orderly.

13. Kriek beer cosmetic set for kriek lovers

Traditionally, at least the sweet kriek is regarded as a women’s beer. GoodBeer has several cosmetic products based on this type of beer. The smell is reminiscent of the sour jokes you ate as a child. But as this article describes, beer does have
a positive effect on the skin and hair. With this cherry beer shampoo, your hair curls extra, and also smells wonderful! The shower gel with cherry beer is a novelty – the beer makes the shower gel extra soft on the skin. A surprising effect if you ask me.
In addition to the beer shampoo and beer shower gel, you also have a glycerine soap based on kriek in the gift package. It also has the same pleasant scent and is ideal for washing your hands. This beer gift is the best unusual beer gift for the cherry lover!

14. Kwak 4 glass set

Kwak unique beer gift

Kwak has recently been restyled – I’ll leave it up to you if you think the restyling is successful or not. Fortunately, the glasses have remained the same. A beautiful and original beer gift is the ‘piece set’ in which four Kwak glasses are attached to a round wooden holder.
A decorative piece that also brings coziness when you open a large bottle (or rather two) of Kwak with friends during a dinner get-together.


We hope this list provided you with a nice and satisfying selection of the best unusual beer gifts for beer lovers. Do you have another one in mind? Let us know in the comment section!

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