In full preparation: the first and only beer spa in Belgium


Good Beer Spa will be the first and only beer spa in Belgium. And none too soon, lovers of quality beer and quality wellness have known this unique combination for some time. There is even a beer spa community, visiting and enjoying beer spas in Europe and the world. Laura from Brussels is such a beer spa fan.

When you learned about beer spas, what was your first reaction?

WOW!! SWIMMING IN BEER!! I totally loved the idea.

I read about the spa and then learned that the jacuzzi is filled with nice warm water to which they add some beer yeast, hops, malt and actual beer.

Of course you cannot swim in a jacuzzi and you are not bathing in a barrel of beer. I learned that it is very good for the skin and hair and I was determined to try it. The only downside: it was in Prague.

How was your first visit, what did you learn from the experience?

Well, I got a Beer Spa voucher for Christmas and I was really excited. Best gift ever!

The Beer Spa was in Prague, which meant we had to travel and it gave me the perfect opportunity to organise a Beer Weekend with my boyfriend.

We arrived a bit earlier at the Spa and we were welcomed with a nice beer that we could serve ourselves. .

The hostess took us downstairs and we accessed the spa space with two wooden jacuzzis and a beer tap in the middle, amazing! We got a short explanation while the jacuzzi was being prepared.
It was already filled with warm water to which yeast and hops and other beer ingredients were added while the benefits for our skin were explained. It is recommended not to shower right after to keep the positive effects on your skin.

Then the hostess left us in our private beer spa. I served myself the second beer while being in the jacuzzi. I could relax in a beer bath with a nice cold beer in my hand. Real Happiness!

The air jets were a nice touch to the experience, enhancing the relaxation. Because the water was more or less at body temperature, I didn’t sweat. It was a perfect temperature to feel at ease and make sure the alcohol of the beer in my hand didn’t shoot up straight to the head.

A clock rang 5 minutes before the end of the session to dress up and prepare to leave the room. When we got out of the jacuzzi, my skin felt soft and actually had a kind of nice smell because of the hops. My hair felt like I had just rinced it with a good hair conditioner. So we decided to follow the advice and didn’t rinse off in the shower.

We finished our beer upstairs and I had a look at the stuff they were selling in the shop. I could not resist and bought some beer bath salts to try at home. Not the same of course but also nice.

It was a great experience and we repeated at several beer spas around Europe. A local beer is always served so it is a good oportunity to travel, taste local beers and enjoy a great relaxing experience.

As a pro, what advice would give to people who are thinking about visiting Good Beer Spa for their first experience in a beer spa?

Go with an open mind, and be ready for a relaxing experience. Relax, and enjoy a beer you can serve yourself. And even if it sounds surprising I also recommend not to shower after.

Whether you like spas or are a beer lover, you will love a beer spa experiece. They are totally private and you can really relax, your skin and hair will be nice and soft afterwards. All this while you enjoy a nice local beer at the same time. Truly heaven!

I’m so looking forward to the Good Beer Spa opening in Brussels and to repeat this awesome experience right next to my home!

Red. Good Beer Spa opens in autumn 2020 in Brussels and sessions are currently on presale at

Good Beer Spa

Presale of Good Beer Spa starts on Indiegogo

UPDATE: find your gift certificate at GOODBEERSPA.COM with a 2 year validity!

UPDATE: if COVID-19 measures allow it, GOOD BEER SPA will open 02/2021.

Good Beer Spa will be located in Brussels, Rue Scailquin 43, right next to the Madou Tower. That is only a 15 minute walk from the Main Square of Brussels, and easily accessible by metro as well.

Beer was invented about 5000 years ago. Egyptians and Romans
discovered its cosmetic properties.

In addition to the drinking pleasure, beer offers multiple benefits to mind and body, not to mention the mood uplift.

Now, Good Beer is launching a tremendous idea: Good Beer Spa. It offers the sensational
opportunity to its guests to soak in a wooden jacuzzi filled with 37c water, high-quality beer,
hops, yeast, and some secret yet powerful ingredients. The guests can enjoy the mix for one hour, pouring their own beer from the tap next to the bathtubs.
There are three jacuzzis in each room, fitting two persons each. A tranquilizing and soothing effect on the body and the nerves is achieved, with positive effects on hair and skin too as beer is rich in vitamin B. Guests can enjoy their bathing experience together with their partner and/or friends in complete privacy.

As Mr. Biebuyck, Founder of Good Beer Spa, emphasizes, “with Good Beer Spa we are taking the beer experience many steps ahead. Based on our previous successful beer
ventures, we are now able to offer a pioneer sensation and an unexpected pleasure to all
our guests.”

Moreover, Good Beer Spa announces the launch of an interesting crowdfunding campaign to support its development and marketing efforts. Through this exciting process, potential
funders will benefit from lucrative perks and large discounts. Backers can also show their
support by sharing the campaign with their Social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, etc.)
For further information and to claim your perk, visit


Good Beer, based in Brussels, Belgium, offers beer-inspired T-shirts, wooden bottle openers,
and wooden fashion accessories such as sunglasses, watches, bow ties, cufflinks, wood and
steel rings. Their latest venture is Good Beer Spa aiming at offering a sensational beer
bathing experience. The wellness centre will also host the brand’s boutique shop. Find out
more on and

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