All-Natural Awesome Beard Oil with hops


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All-Natural Awesome Beard Oil with hops

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a care oil that has different effects. It has a positive effect on your skin, beard hair, and the scent you take with you all day.

Moisturize the skin

The oil ensures that the skin under your beard remains hydrated and does not irritate. You probably think: interesting that my skin stays moist. But this really makes a world of difference to your beard. When your skin becomes too dry and starts to flake, for example, your beard no longer has good nutrition. As a result, your beard hairs fall out.

Taking care of the beard

Thanks to beard oil, your beard hairs remain hydrated and nourished. The oils help to keep the beard hairs strong and not dry out.
The oil also ensures that your beard stays in shape. You do need a beard brush or beard comb to shape your beard.
Depending on the product you choose, you also have oil that ensures that your beard smells good all day long! So totally great.

Care is important per season in the year. But when summer is just around the corner, beard oil is an essential part of your beard.

GoodBeer proposes an all-natural beard oil with a grassy (hops) and woody (cedar and sandalwood) scent – a true male impression!

Contains 50ml.

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Suggestion: bring back the recipient to the craft shop at the beer spa and receive a 10% discount on the refill!

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