Body scrub with natural hops, pink Himalayan salt and olive oil


EAN 7446019774731


Soft scrub for body and face with natural hops (Centennial) , Himalayan pink salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Hops relax your skin
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil smoothes and hydrates your skin
  • Pink Himalayan Salt rejuvenates the skin
  • Menthol adds a nice long-lasting cooling effect and reboots your mood
  • Eucalyptus relieves cold symptoms and treats dry skin
  • 200gr 
  • Made in Brussels, Belgium with love 💕

Other products: body scrub with jasmin, lotus and hops beer solid shampoo with eucalyptus, beer bath oil

Suggestion: bring back the recipient to the craft shop at the beer spa and receive a 10% discount on the refill!

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