CapTree – the Belgian Outdoor Beer game and bottle cap catcher




Ay’CapTree, the GoodBeer rustic bottle cap collector.
This crown cap tree has been specially developed for nature lovers. A luxury-class bottle cap holder. People hardly believe it, but you can place your bottle caps beautifully on this practical ornament. You throw the bottle caps at the stake and they find a place on and around the magnet. This way they do not have to be cleaned up the next day.
After an evening with friends you even have a decorative accessory in a rustic style. It is a sustainable natural product.
The CapTree is hand made in Belgium, with wood from Belgium.
The magnet has a force of 15 kilos of pulling force and can hold up to 30 bottle caps.
Dimensions : 10 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm approx.


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