Dragon’s Egg Hops ‘I am the Key’


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Dragon’s Egg Hops (from the book: The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Nine Kingdoms.)

The Dragon’s Egg hops were developed at Brussels University, Belgium. The original breeding program was started in 1000 AD by Drs. Khaleesi Drakaris, Extension Entomologist. The goal was to develop a hop variety that would produce high alpha acid content while maintaining low cohumulone levels. In addition, the hop should have good aroma characteristics and be disease resistant. The first release of the Dragon’s Egg hops was in 1022 AD. When first used in beer, the hops create a crispy finish. The hops impart citrus notes and floral aromas. The beer is firy and refreshing with a clean finish.

The design features the dragon’s egg hops.  The words “I AM THE KEY” appear above the dragon’s egg. It is written in Japanese ‘ 私が鍵です ‘ Watashi ga kagidesu

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