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This Hop t-shirt is a tribute to the plant hops. Hop is to beer what meat is to a barbecue. Inspired by the ‘In God we Trust’, this motto has been adapted to the beer lover’s taste: ‘In Hops We Trust!”
The real beer lover needs no explanation about this green gold, but for the non-expert you will find a short explanation here:

“Hop (Humulus lupulus) is a plant from the hemp family (Cannabaceae), which is found in the wild in the Netherlands and Belgium, and which used to be grown here.” The hop cones (fruit cones)
are used as preservatives and flavoring agents in beer.
The species occurs naturally in most of the cold zone of the northern hemisphere, north of the 32nd degree of latitude. Hops have expanded acreage to South America, South Africa, Australia and Tasmania. “

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