Natural Beer Bath Oil with Baptist Blond


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GoodBeer Beer Bath Oil with Baptist Blond is rich in Vitamin B and contains natural almond oil, natural vitamin E, and essential oils.

You’ll soon experience the benefits of the natural ingredients on your skin.

What are the benefits of beer bath oil?

  • It contains natural almond oil and is rich in beer and vitamins.
  • The bath oil relieves stress and muscle aches.
  • It softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • The malts in beer have a moisturizing and restorative effect on the skin.
  • Beer hops calm irritated skin.
  • Brewer’s yeast is very rich in vitamin B, great for the skin.
  • It prevents the skin from cracking, scaling, and itching.

GoodBeer Bath Oil is appropriate for everyday use.

Enjoy the luxury of a home beer oil bath in the comfort of your home.

Shake well before use. One or two tablespoons of product in your bathtub is sufficient to obtain the beneficial effects.

Contains 250 ml

Suggestion: bring your empty bottle back to the shop for a refill and get a 20% discount on your refill!

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