Sunglasses BEÄR Brussels real wood


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Sunglasses BEÄR Brussels real wood

BEÄR Brussels Wooden Sunglasses: Sustainable Style Meets Sun Protection

Embrace eco-conscious luxury with BEÄR Brussels Wooden Sunglasses. Handcrafted from real wood and boasting superior UV protection, these sunglasses are the perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Natural Elegance:

  • Genuine Wood Construction: Made from real wood, these sunglasses offer a unique and sophisticated aesthetic that’s kind to the planet.
  • Lightweight Comfort: 50% lighter than traditional sunglasses, they provide all-day comfort without feeling weighed down.

Uncompromising Protection:

  • Full 400UV Filter: Your eyes stay safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring optimal protection on bright days.
  • Mirrored Lens Coating: Reduce glare and enhance visual clarity while maintaining a touch of fashionable flair.

A Touch of Brussels:

  • BEÄR Originals: Designed in Brussels, Belgium, these sunglasses embody European style and craftsmanship.

Express Yourself:

  • Variety of Lens Colors: Choose from a range of lens colors to personalize your look and complement your style.

BEÄR Brussels Wooden Sunglasses – Where sustainability meets superior sun protection.

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