Wooden Sunglasses made of Bamboo with polarized lenses UV400

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GoodBeer wooden sunglasses provide a unique feel as these wooden sunglasses are light, sturdy and classy!

Here are the major features:

POLARIZED LENSES – Provide crystal clear vision with UV400 protection and a scratch resistant coating. The lens mesures 53mm x 39mm.

UNIQUE BAMBOO FRAMES – Crafted with 100% real bamboo frames, so every pair is different and unique! Carbonized frames strengthen the material and enrich the color.

FLOATING SUNGLASSES – Because of the porous nature of bamboo, these sunglasses float in water!

CLASSIC NATURAL STYLE – Classic wayfarer style looks good on everyone. Flexible hinges can hyper-extend for a comfortable fit. Frame size: 143mm front width x 156mm length x 46mm height (5.6″ x 6.1″ x 1.7″). Bridge 18mm (Distance from inner lens to inner lens). One size fits all!


Bamboo is actually a grass and the hollow reeds of some species can grow to 100 feet. Being a monocot in the grass family, bamboo does not have any sapwood/heartwood or growth rings.

Texture is very uniform, and ranges from medium to fine depending on density.

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