Beer Scrub Soap with Beer, Honey, and Oats – Made in Belgium

  1. What is this soap made of? This soap is crafted with beer, honey, and oats.
  2. Where is it made? It is proudly made in Belgium.

Body Scrub with Natural Hops, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Olive Oil

  1. What are the key ingredients in this body scrub? This body scrub contains natural hops, pink Himalayan salt, and olive oil.

Funny Beer Socks – If you can read this, bring me a beer

  1. What’s the message on these socks? The socks humorously say, “If you can read this, bring me a beer.”

Gift Box with Beer Socks, Beer Scrub Soap, and Body Pink Salt Scrub

  1. What’s included in this gift box? This gift box contains beer socks, beer scrub soap, and body pink salt scrub.

All-Natural Awesome Beard Oil with Hops

  1. What makes this beard oil unique? This beard oil is all-natural and contains hops, which can be beneficial for beard health.

Gift Set Good Beer Spa at Home – Hops + Malts + Brewer’s Yeast

  1. What’s included in this spa gift set? This set includes hops, malts, and brewer’s yeast for a beer-themed spa experience at home.

Solid Shampoo Bar with Beer Yeast, Hops, and Oats

  1. What are the main ingredients in this shampoo bar? This shampoo bar features beer yeast, hops, and oats.

All Natural Hair Elixir with Hops

  1. How does this hair elixir benefit hair health? This elixir contains hops, which can promote hair health and vitality.

Original Natural Glycerin Soap with KRIEK Bier

  1. What is KRIEK Bier, and how is it used in this soap? KRIEK Bier is a type of cherry beer, and it is used in this soap to create a unique and natural fragrance.

Gift Pack Beer Soap by GoodBeer – 4 Pieces

  1. What’s included in this gift pack? This gift pack contains scrub soap with beer, two solid shampoo bars with beer, and gentle body soap with Kriek beer.

Beer Shampoo – With Real Beer ‘Baptist Blond’

  1. What’s the special feature of this shampoo? This shampoo contains real beer, specifically ‘Baptist Blond.’

Natural Beer Bath Oil with Baptist Blond

  1. How is this bath oil made, and what beer is used? This bath oil is made with Baptist Blond beer, providing a unique bathing experience.

GoodBeer’s Beer Shower Gel

  1. What makes this shower gel unique? This shower gel is infused with beer, which can offer a distinct and refreshing shower experience.

Bath Salt Bath Crystals with Christmas Beer

  1. What is the key ingredient in these bath salts? These bath salts feature the fragrance of Christmas Beer.

Bath Salt Bath Crystals with ‘Red Ale’ and Kriek Beer (Cherry Beer)

  1. What beer aromas are incorporated into these bath salts? These bath salts capture the scents of ‘Red Ale’ and Kriek Beer (cherry beer).

Beer Bath Salts with Milkshake IPA Beer

  1. What type of beer is used in these bath salts? These bath salts include the essence of Milkshake IPA beer.

GoodBeer’s Solid Shaving Foam

  1. What sets this shaving foam apart? This shaving foam is from GoodBeer and may offer a unique shaving experience.

Body Scrub with Hops, Jasmine, and Lotus

  1. What are the main ingredients in this body scrub? This body scrub contains hops, jasmine, and lotus for a refreshing exfoliation.

Kriek Beer Shampoo

  1. How is Kriek beer incorporated into this shampoo? Kriek beer is a key ingredient in this shampoo, providing a distinctive scent.

Body Lotion with Beer Extract and Vitamin E

  1. What benefits does beer extract offer in this lotion? Beer extract may provide unique skin benefits, and this lotion also contains vitamin E for skin nourishment.

Beer Gift Set 4 x 250 ml: Beer Shampoo – Beer Bath Oil – Beer Shower Gel

  1. What’s included in this gift set? This gift set includes beer shampoo, beer bath oil, and beer shower gel in 250 ml bottles.

Lip Balm with Beer, Hops, and Honey

  1. What are the key ingredients in this lip balm? This lip balm contains beer, hops, and honey for lip care.

Whipped Body Butter with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

  1. What moisturizing ingredients are in this body butter? This body butter features shea butter and coconut oil for deep hydration.

Travel Size Beer Shampoo/Gel/Bath Oil

  1. Are these travel-sized products suitable for carry-on luggage? These travel-sized beer shampoo, gel, and bath oil products are designed for convenient on-the-go use.

Hair Mask with Vitamin E and Beer

  1. How can this hair mask benefit hair health? This hair mask contains vitamin E and beer, which may provide nourishment and care for your hair.

Natural Solid Lotion Bar

  1. What makes this lotion bar natural, and what is its main ingredient? This lotion bar is made with natural ingredients and offers solid, mess-free moisturization.

Giftset Hoppy Beard

  1. What’s included in the Hoppy Beard gift set? This gift set likely contains products designed to care for and maintain a healthy beard.

Kriek Beer Cosmetics Set

  1. What cosmetics are included in this Kriek Beer set? This set likely includes a range of Kriek beer-infused cosmetic products.

All-Natural Hair Growth Elixir with Hops

  1. How can hops benefit hair growth in this elixir? Hops are believed to promote hair health and may be a key ingredient for hair growth.

Kriek Beer Shower Gel

  1. What is the scent of this shower gel, and how is Kriek beer incorporated? This shower gel likely features the unique fragrance of Kriek beer.

GoodBeer Complete Gift Set

  1. What does the GoodBeer Complete Gift Set include? This complete gift set likely contains a variety of GoodBeer’s products for a comprehensive beer-themed spa experience.

Peppermint and Beer Glycerin Soap

  1. What is the fragrance of this glycerin soap, and how is beer used in it? This soap combines the invigorating scent of peppermint with the unique addition of beer.

Beer Socks for the Beer Lover!

  1. What makes these beer socks a great gift for beer lovers? These socks are designed with a humorous message for beer enthusiasts.

Beer Bath Oil with Kriek Beer

  1. How is Kriek beer utilized in this bath oil? Kriek beer is likely incorporated into this bath oil to create a special bathing experience.

Solid Shampoo Bar with Beer Yeast, Hops, and Oats – Eucalyptus

  1. What fragrance does this shampoo bar have, and what are its key ingredients? This shampoo bar likely features a refreshing eucalyptus scent and contains beer yeast, hops, and oats for hair care.